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Daily Chuckle news release:

Tweedle brothers expect a spike in Gullible stock market,

Tweedle brothers stock picks stocks to rise:

Tweedle Dees: I expect a sudden but short spike in flame retardant materials expected due to Claus industry.

Tweedle Dums:

YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING ROPES AND STRINGS, leading with the profits in the rope industry. I expect a bigger spike in the rope industry. The company specializes in mass production of Santa Snares.

DOC SMILEY STORK DELIVERS, Expecting a small decrease in due to the Santa Snares situation with the general public.

FARFETCHED REINDEER FEED, Doing exceptional well this quarter, Claus industry being the major buyer.

NOT MY PANT’S, Expected to have a short but sudden spike, due to a extremely large pant size order from Claus industry.

ClAUS INDUSTRY, Have done quite well for the past quarter, even with the request for stimulus money, Denial believed to be due to Grinch’s Manufacturing  (GM). Concourse the biggest buyers of Santa’s Snare are the GM’s plants employees.


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