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The horse track

Laughing stock

Announcer “Horses antsy in the gates.”

“Bang” The starter fires his gun.

“You Ate My Carrot rockets out of the gate leads by 3 lengths”,”

“Where’s ‘My Carrot, I Make You Pee Pants, Blinders To Small, Saddle to Tight, Too Many Sugar Cubes, side by side the middle of the track”

“Taking up the rear, See nothing But Tail, and You Fall off”

“Quarter pole mark, “Where’s’ My Carrot “on the tail of “You Ate My Carrot,”” Too Many sugar Cubes” sneaking up the rear ,”” I Make You Pee Pants edging ahead of Where’s’ My Carrot”.

“Trouble in the rear!” You Fall Off stumbles,” bucking the jockey off, trying to pass See Nothing But Tail.”

“Nothing But Tail passes on the outside Blinders To Small and Saddle to Tight like their standing still.”

“Nipping at the hoofs of You Ate My Carrot, See Nothing But Tail half a length behind, rounds the last corner.

“Action in the middle of the pack I Make You Pee Pants on the outside blows by Where’s’ My Carrot.”

“You Ate my Carrot, and See Nothing But Tail nose to nose down the last stretch ”

3 lengths behind, I Make You Pee Pants puts the pressure on.”

“Finish line 3 lengths away, losing ground to See Nothing But Tail”

“Now You Ate My Carrot 1 length behind See Nothing But Tail”

The finish line in 2 more horse lengths: See Nothing But Tail is now a half a horse length in front of You Ate My Carrot with I Make You Pee Pants right on his tail.”

“Oh it looks like we have a new winner, See Nothing But Tail final gallop pushes ahead of You ate My Carrot taking first place by a full length, second place in a whirlwind I Make You Pee Pants followed gallantly by You Ate My Carrot.




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