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Decisions and Choices

Which one?

73, 0000 people waiting for organ transplant, two thirds are waiting for a kidney. A prisoner is sitting on death row, without an organ donation form signed. A bill sits in congress ready to sign for legalizing organ cloning. Moldova, China, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Israel / Palestine Mozambique, Kosovo have organs for sale across the ocean. The medical community’s having ethical debates on about organ from harvesting and cloning. Decisions, decisions choice’s to choose

Which one? Will leads us down to the human ethical decision. Let’s review the options, organ cloning, and organ harvesting or letting the waiting person die. Having the person die may be acceptable in the other eight countries. That leaves the controversial ethics choices, organ harvesting, donating, or cloning.

Cloning organs would probable the most effective and cost efficient method for the long term. Not saying there won’t be glitches on the way, non functioning organs, growth of the organ failing, and corruption (cloned organ repossessions?). Of course more money must be spent on the research but we already know that. No problems that could not be worked out in the twenty first century.

Cloning organs time, viability and cost are the current major setbacks. Let’s question the option of harvesting organs. Harvesting would have a shorter time for a transplant to happen. The short term cost wise harvesting would be the least expensive choice of the choices. Buying and selling organs would cause too much legal headaches and corruption to be a viable solution.

All in all cloning organs would be the most cost effective choice in the long term. The organs can be tailored to fit the receiver’s body, we can make them without depriving someone else’s a life. Not to mention the employment rise that would happen. But until the issues are resolved we are stuck waiting for donors.


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